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EIS Suspends Industrial Action, But Warns SQA Must Deliver Change

30 September 2016 

The EIS has today (Friday) confirmed that it is suspending its programme of industrial action in relation to SQA workload.

The decision to suspend the industrial action was taken at today’s meeting of the national EIS Council, and follows yesterday’s agreement at the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) Management Board to remove compulsory unit assessments from all National 5 and Higher courses.

The agreement, which is based on a set of proposals submitted by the EIS, will lighten the assessment burden for pupils and teachers in Scotland’s Secondary schools.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "I can confirm that EIS Council has now agreed to suspend our programme of industrial action in relation to excessive SQA-related workload.

"The agreement that has now been reached at the CfE Management Board, based on a proposal submitted by the EIS, is a significant victory for teachers and pupils in our Secondary schools.

"The changes that have been agreed, to permanently remove compulsory unit assessments from all National 5 and Higher courses, will ease the assessment burden on pupils and teachers and create time and space for deeper learning and teaching in our classrooms.”

Mr Flanagan added, "While we have today suspended our industrial action in relation to SQA activity, the EIS is very clear that our wider advice to members on appropriate steps to cut out excessive workload and reduce bureaucracy remains active.

"We are also very clear that, having reached agreement, we fully expect the SQA to deliver fully what has been promised on schedule.

"Today is not the end of the process of cutting SQA workload, but demonstrates our good faith in the promises that have been made.

"It is now for the SQA to deliver its commitments, and the EIS will be watching very closely to ensure that all the promises that have been made to pupils and teachers are kept.”

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