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Periods of Notice

At the March 2017 Council meeting Tom Tracey, Salaries Convener, reported that the SNCT agreed that periods of notice across councils should be determined at national level.

This required a change to the list of national/devolved matters in the SNCT Handbook in Part 1, Appendix 1.3 and the removal of Part 4, Paragraph 14.2 of the SNCT Handbook.

This change took effect on 1 January 2017 and, arising from this change, the minimum period of notice to terminate employment to be given by a teacher on the main grade scale, a teacher on the Chartered Teacher spine, Music Instructor or an Education Support Officer, Quality Improvement Officer or Education Psychologist shall be 4 working weeks and by all other teachers, quality improvement managers, principal and depute educational psychologists 8 weeks, which include 4 working weeks.

The length of other periods of notice is unchanged but must contain a minimum of 4 working weeks.

The definition of a "working week” was agreed at the SNCT on 23 February 2017, has been distributed to holders of the SNCT Handbook and is available on the SNCT website.