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Strong Support for FE Strike Continues – EIS Agrees New Strike Pay Arrangements

Tuesday 16 May 2017

Thousands of Further Education Lecturers across Scotland are on strike again today and tomorrow in a continuing dispute over management’s refusal to honour a deal that was signed over one year ago.

The March 2016 NJNC Agreement promised equal pay for lecturers across Scotland, after decades of wide variations in pay for lecturers in colleges across the country.

EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "College lecturers are on strike again today, and will strike again tomorrow, over the continuing refusal of college management to honour the deal that the signed more than one year ago.

"The decision by college managers to withhold payment of the first instalment of the equal pay agreement, which was due to be paid from the beginning of April, was a clear breach of the agreement that both sides agreed and freely signed up to last year."

Mr Flanagan added, "The EIS Emergency Committee, which met early this afternoon, has now agreed that strike pay will be payable to support FE lecturers on strike, from tomorrow’s action onwards.

"This represents a substantial financial commitment from the EIS to supporting its members, and highlights our ongoing determination to continue this action for as long as necessary until colleges honour the deal that they signed last year."

"The Emergency Committee has also agreed a programme of new strike dates, in addition to those previously announced, which will be communicated to members shortly."

Mr Flanagan then went on to say, "The EIS welcomes the recent increasing involvement of senior representatives of the Scottish Government, and we will await this afternoon’s Parliamentary announcement by Deputy First Minister John Swinney with interest.

"We also welcome the appointment of an independent facilitator to support future discussions between the EIS and Colleges Scotland."

Mr Flanagan added, "While the messages coming from the Scottish Government are helpful, our members remain absolutely resolute and will continue with strike action until the deal is honoured by management.

"The EIS remains fully committed to constructive discussions with a view to resolving this dispute, but we are also fully prepared to continue with industrial action should that be necessary to compel colleges to honour the deal."