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Scottish Government Report on Initial Teacher Education - EIS Comment

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Commenting on today’s publication of a Report on Initial Teacher Education by the Scottish Government, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said:

"The EIS absolutely agrees that it is essential for all programmes of Initial Teacher Education to be of a good quality, in order to support the continuing very high standards of Scotland’s teaching profession.

"Scotland has a long history of excellence in teaching, and continues to employ an all-graduate teaching profession which is held to a particularly high set of professional standards. It is vital that there is no dilution in standards in the future, and all ITE programmes must reflect this necessity for highly qualified teachers with all the requisite knowledge and skills.”

"To support this, it is important that entrance requirements for all ITE programmes are suitably robust, to ensure that all entrants can meet the high standards expected of all teachers in Scotland.

"This includes, for all teachers in all curricular areas, a requirement to deliver appropriate content in both literacy and numeracy so this must be reflected in the entrance requirements for initial teacher education.”

"It is also essential, given the current focus on closing the attainment gap and reducing the impact of poverty on learning, that appropriate equalities training should be provided to better equip all teachers in tackling these challenging societal issues, but very specifically learning how to help pupils overcome the barriers which poverty creates for their learning in key areas such as literacy.”