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Conviction of Ratko Mladić

 22 November 2017

The EIS has commented on the conviction of Ratko Mladić for Genocide and other War-crimes in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "It is welcome that Ratko Mladić has been found guilty and will now be held to account for these horrific crimes.

"The terrible nature of the crimes committed under the leadership of Mladić will continue to have a severe impact on victims and their families for many years to come.However, his conviction and sentencing to life in prison does offer some small degree of justice on behalf of his many victims.” 

Mr Flanagan, who is an active supporter of the work of the charity Remembering Srebrenica, continued, "It is vitally important that we remember the casualties of the Bosnian war, and that we learn from the horrific experiences that were endured by the victims of Mladić’s campaign of genocide and torture.

"With far-right politics once again on the rise across the globe, and with Islamophobia and hate-based attacks also increasing, it is essential that we learn the difficult and painful lessons of the recent past.” 

Mr Flanagan added, "This weekend, in Glasgow, the annual STUC Anti-Racism March and Rally will be held and this presents an important opportunity for people to make a stand together in defiance of racism and the politics of hate.

"I would urge Scotland’s teachers and lecturers to join the EIS delegation on Saturday, and march with our trades union colleagues and other campaigners to send a loud and clear message that Scotland rejects racism in all its forms.”