Motions and Amendments


33. Council, East Renfrewshire Local Association, Orkney Local Association & Renfrewshire Local Association

"That this AGM resolve to continue to oppose changes to teachers' pensions including the increase to the Normal Pension Age to bring it into line with the State Pension Age and the increases, including any future increases, in teachers' pension contributions. This AGM, therefore, instruct Council to set a deadline of the end of 2014 for a satisfactory outcome to the present negotiations on early retirement measures and, if no satisfactory outcome is forthcoming, to ballot members for industrial action up to and including strike action."


34. Council

"That this AGM recognise that the cuts in Local Authority Education Spending, as part of the government's austerity agenda, will continue for the foreseeable future and call on Council to redouble its efforts to resist the cuts in spending using all means at its disposal. In this regard, this AGM instruct Council to reinvigorate the campaign to reduce class sizes in Scotland in line with current EIS policy as follows:

a) an absolute maximum of 20 across nursery, primary and secondary education;

b) all multi-stage composite classes to have a maximum of 15 or fewer

c) pupil/teacher ratios to be adjusted in classes containing special needs pupils in order that each ASN pupil counts as the equivalent to 6 pupils;

d) maintain teacher numbers in Scotland at least to the level included in the 2011 SNCT Agreement."


35. Glasgow Local Association

"This AGM resolve to seek a review of class size regulations in the context of increasing class sizes where significant numbers of vulnerable children with additional support needs, are being allocated to mainstream."


36. Inverclyde Local Association

"That this AGM instruct Council to put pressure on Local Authorities to establish the principle that teachers have the right to have access to their pay details outwith the workplace."


37. Council

"That this AGM call on EIS members on the SNCT to monitor the 2014 SNCT package relating to teacher workload flexibility and the revised list of duties through both the SNCT and LNCTs and to report to the 2015 AGM the impact of changes agreed in the package."


38. Glasgow Local Association

"That this AGM instruct Council to develop a toolkit for a professional audit of the 35 hour working week (perhaps in the form of a mobile app) which would facilitate planning, tracking and the accumulation of working hours to support individuals and groups of teachers in resisting excessive workload demands as part of the ongoing workload campaign."

Amendment - EIS-FELA

After 'teachers' insert 'and lecturers'


39. Renfrewshire Local Association

"That this AGM call for a rejection of any attempt to reconfigure the existing weekly maximum class contact time for teachers."


40. Council, Edinburgh Local Association, Dumfries & Galloway Local Association

"That this AGM instruct Council to initiate discussion within the STUC and TUC and with the main Local Government unions in Scotland (UNISON, UNITE and GMB) with a view to developing a common restorative pay claim by December 2014 for implementation in April 2015. In addition to consider the organisation of a campaign of industrial action (possibly including the coordination of a campaign of industrial action (possibly including the coordination of ballot timetables with other unions) if no satisfactory salary settlement is concluded by April 2015."


41. Renfrewshire Local Association & Glasgow Local Association 

"That this AGM instruct Council to organise a campaign around the 2015/16 pay negotiations to restore teachers' pay levels. The campaign proposal would be in place for December 2014 and include: 

a) a pay claim based on full consideration of the deterioration in living standards;

b) a timetable for consultation with employers and Government;

c) a timetable for balloting for industrial action, including strike action, in the event of a failure to secure a satisfactory wage rise by April 2015;

d) a commitment to ballot on the outcome of any negotiations;

e) a principled commitment to no deterioration of conditions of service in exchange for salary." 


42. Edinburgh Local Association

"That this AGM to resolve any attempt by COSLA or any Local Authority and/or the Scottish Government to:

a) negotiate further 'flexibility' which is likely to result in a deterioration of teachers' working conditions;

b) tie any pay settlement in 2015 to a deterioration of teachers' working conditions.

c) tie any settlement on teacher numbers in 2015 to a deterioration of teachers' working conditions."


43. Council, Aberdeenshire Local Association, Glasgow Local Association, North Lanarkshire Local Association & West Dunbartonshire Local Association

"That this AGM instruct Council to campaign for both a national minimum staffing standard which includes class teacher allocation, management allocations and management time and for the retention of the total teacher numbers as agreed by the SNCT Agreement in June 2011. The campaign to include: 

a) seeking to persuade the Parties contesting the next Scottish Parliamentary elections to support the adoption of a national staffing standard;

b) highlighting the current 'postcode' lottery of pupil/teacher ratios and number of teaching posts, promoted posts and support staff;

c) ensuring adequate provision in terms of workforce planning for the recruitment of sufficient permanent, temporary, fixed term and supply teachers to deal with specific difficulties in a variety of geographical areas."


44. North Lanarkshire Local Association

"That this AGM call for the SNCT to amend the relevant wording in Part 2: Section 7 of the Handbook of Conditions and Service to recognise:

a) that absence as a result of miscarriage should be regarded as a pregnancy related illness;

b) that employers ensure that no employee be subjected to a formal absence review procedure as a result of any absence attributable to miscarriage;

c) that employers treat absence attributable to miscarriage separately from their normal occupational health procedures and with due sensitivity and discretion."


45. Edinburgh Local Association

"That this AGM resolve to recommend to the Scottish College for Educational Leadership that it develop and implement, as part of its programmes of professional learning, courses on the phenomenon of 'Groupthink' and strategies to avoid it, and to offer to share insights into the phenomenon gained by the EIS through any relevant investigations and reports."