Composite motions for the Annual General Meeting 2015 as found competent by the Standing Orders Committee. 

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"That this AGM resolve to undertake and report on a survey of all EIS members on teachers’ and lecturers’ direct or indirect experiences of homophobia and transphobia in education."



"That this AGM resolve to support LGBT staff, pupils and students within the school and college sectors by:

(a) Working in partnership with stakeholders as appropriate to ensure that:

(i) all establishments develop and implement policies on homophobic and transphobic bullying;

(ii) the needs of LGBT learners are considered during curricular planning, work experience and school college partnerships;

(iii) schools and colleges collate and publish Equality and Diversity Indicators relating to sexual identity for staff and learners.

(b) Undertaking and reporting (in partnership with other bodies as appropriate) on a survey of the experiences of LGBT learners in Scotland's colleges similar to that conducted by Stonewall Scotland within the 'School Report' (2012) and 'Teachers' Report' (2014)."



"That this AGM call for the production of EIS booklets on ‘the myths of immigration’, tailored to different age ranges, for teachers' and lecturers' use in the classroom."


21. Council

"That this AGM call upon Council to gather and analyse data on the numbers of Black and Minority Ethnic people employed as teachers and the numbers of BME teachers holding promoted posts, and to raise any issues that may emerge in relation to under-representation with Scottish Local Government.”

Amendment – EIS-FELA

In lines 2 and 3 after "teachers" insert "and lecturers", and in line 5 after "Scottish Local Government" insert "and Colleges Scotland".


22. Council

"That this AGM call on the Scottish Government to ensure that:

(a) measures aimed at reducing the attainment and achievement gaps created by poverty are adequately resourced and staffed by allocating long term protected ring-fenced funding;

(b) all measures introduced are properly focussed on establishment level interventions that are evidence based; and

(c) all measures introduced are supported by good quality training and support for staff."


23. Council

"That this AGM instruct Council to call on the Scottish Government to assess the impact on poverty of the forthcoming new Scotland Bill using equality impact assessment methodology and to publish the results."


24. Council

"That this AGM note the work being overtaken by the Cost of the School Day Project conducted by the Child Poverty Action Group in collaboration with Glasgow City Council and other partners, and resolve to consider the implications of the project's research findings for our ‘Impact of Poverty in Education’ campaign."


25. Renfrewshire Local Association

"That this AGM instruct Council to promote the findings of Renfrewshire Council’s Tackling Poverty Commission with specific reference to the impact of austerity on the educational outcomes for the most economically disadvantaged in our schools."






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