EIS Financial Services

Set up by the Institute in 1990 as a valuable membership benefit for exclusive use by EIS members and their families, EISFS is your company, formed by your union, for your needs.

It can offer the following services:-

  • Independent financial advice on Investments
  • Independent financial advice on Pension Planning
  • Independent advice on Life Assurance

For information on Motor, Home or Travel insurance please go to our web site www.eisfs.co.uk/

Your local area EIS Financial Adviser can arrange to meet with you at a time and a place that suits you, at your place of work or your home, you decide – and carry out a free initial review of your finances giving you an honest, accurate and easy to understand assessment of your financial position.

Local Area EIS Independent Financial Adviser

Andrew Scouller

t: 0141 332 8004

e: enquiries@eisfs.org.uk


Further details

Individual and school meetings

To arrange an individual meeting please contact your local EIS Financial Services Representative, Andrew Scouller

For a school meeting please contact Andrew directly or contact the LA Secretary to facilitate an Area meeting for schools in your Area.