Where can I find details of our Conditions of Service?

The main Conditions are set at National level by the SNCT with devolved matters agreed through the Aberdeenshire LNCT.

Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers

We retain national bargaining through the SNCT. The SNCT Handbook details Pay, Main Duties, Working Year and Working Week, Class Size, Annual Leave, Sickness Allowance and Notification arrangements, Family leave etc. 

Local Negotiating Committee for Teachers

Certain matters, contained in part 4 of the Handbook, are devolved and have been varied at Aberdeenshire LNCT level. The LNCT also acts as main consultative body and LNCT agreements cover wider areas that those devolved by SNCT.

LNCT agreements provides an index of all agreements with hyperlinks for ease of reference for EIS members.

Aberdeenshire Policies

The Education & Children's Service Policy Framework sets out key policies and guidelines for the service. Education Circulars are posted in ARCADIA.

A number of other HR policies and procedures are detailed in Corporate HR polices on ARCADIA LITE



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