LNCT/07/01 Promoting Positive Relationships makes clear that staff should be entitled to "A safe working environment, free from verbal abuse and threats/actual physical assault to protect all of those in the school community." (page 2)
Section 9 of the policy deals with "Challenging and/or Violent Behaviour" and actions required to prevent such incidnets and/or deal with them if they do occur.

What is a Violent Incident?

Aberdeenshire's Guidance on reporting incidents states: 

Violent incidents can be wide ranging e.g. 

  • Verbal Abuse 
  • Threatening or Menacing behaviour 
  • Social / Disruptive Behaviour 
  • Vandalism 
  • Breach or Security 
  • Assault or Physical Violence 

A Violent Incident is one that you consider to be Violent - it is not for your line manager to decide what should or should not be reported. 


All Violent Incidents should be reported to your PT/DHT/HT and should be investigated by the line manager  and  entered on to the Central Database.  Aberdeenshire's Guidance states: 

"Employees are encouraged to report any incidents they feel they would like to bring to the attention of their Service. Recording events can highlight potential problem areas / trends to the Service enabling them to take any necessary action." 

The Guidance is available under the ARCADIA H&S (My Job, H&S, list of policies - 

  • Accident/Incident Reporting
  • Violence Policy 

If there is any resistance to recording the incidence please use the above and complete the attached paper form and formally request it is recorded. If it is not reported please contact the EIS Secretary.

Risk Assessment 

A Risk Assessment should be conducted or reviewed in light of any violent incident. The Physical Intervention Policy, which is actually more about what to do to avoid Physical Intervention, should be used and in particular Appendix 1 Behavioural Risk Assessment. 

Clearly any follow up will look at both the educational provision for the pupil and impact on other pupils in class but the duty of care to the teacher must be taken into account. It is the duty of care that provides the issue that we can legitimately raise concerns about.   

CALM Training 

The Risk Assessment may identify a need to have CALM trained staff. The Physical Intervention Policy states:

"7.4 Staff will not be required to participate in training in physical intervention techniques without their consent. "

Police Involvement

The EIS is clear that any assault can be reported to the police and does not require the agreement of your HT. It may be considered a professional courtesy to advise your line manager of your intention to report the matter or that you have reported the matter to the police. 

If there any concerns with the manner that such incidents are dealt with or the capacity of the school to be appropriate measures in place, please contact the EIS Secretary.