Stand Up for Quality Education

Created on: 13 Jun 2023 | Last modified: 06 Oct 2023

Stand up for Quality Education

The aim of the campaign is to significantly improve teachers' working conditions, and health, safety and wellbeing at work and by so doing, the quality of learning experiences for learners.

Successive EIS meetings, EIS surveys and even discussions on Pay Attention strike picket lines have identified that supporting ASN, tackling excessive workload and pupil behaviour are the issues of greatest concern to members. The Executive Committee is clear that it wishes to campaign in these three areas to improve teachers' working conditions and to positively affect pupils' learning experiences and their outcomes.

Focussing on these 3 key priority areas the campaign will call for:

  • A significant reduction in teacher workload
  • An increase in funding and support for pupils with additional support needs
  • Build the skills, resources and school culture to address distressed, violent and aggressive pupil behaviour

To do this, we need to use the full range of tools available to us as trade unionists, standing up for more funding and resources, standing up for empowerment and teacher autonomy and ultimately, standing together to deliver 'Quality Education'.

We need to engage with and build up support from, a range of stakeholders - i.e. political parties, parent groups, young people's organisations, support staff and other trade unions, and other education partners. We consider ‘Quality Education’ an irresistible objective and will try to convince potential allies of this.

Such engagement will also help to identify what additional resources are needed from the Scottish Government and local authorities. We can then intensify the pressure on the Scottish Government and local authorities to deliver these resources.

Campaigning with strong member engagement will be carried out at national, local authority and branch (i.e. school) levels.