At the start of December, almost 100 members joined EIS and Education Scotland for a professional learning webinar on the topic of Blended and Remote Learning.

This webinar was offered to members to address emerging challenges and needs in the COVID-19 pandemic, including issues raised by potential moves towards models of blended and remote learning in primary and secondary contexts. For more information and guidance on teaching during the pandemic, see previous EIS webinars.

This webinar was chaired by EIS Education Committee Convenor Susan Quinn, and also included input from EIS Assistant Secretary Andrea Bradley, National Officer for Education Anne Keenan, Education Scotland colleagues and EIS members.

The webinar included the following presentations (please scroll down for the video):

Starting at 4.16 minutes in the video, is a working definition of Blended and Remote Learning, their importance in the context of the Recovery Curriculum and an overview of the practical advice contained in updated EIS guidance. Presented by EIS National Officer, Anne Keenan, the session also considered some of the key ‘do’s and don’ts’ around teaching online. 

Anne’s presentation also directed members towards EIS guidance on blended and remote learning, and a new online poster of the ‘Dos and Don’ts of Online Teaching’.

Starting at 30.16 minutes in the video, Education Scotland colleagues gave a live demonstration of relevant resources to support blended and distance learning. 

The following resources were noted in Education Scotland’s presentation:

Staring at 40.36 in the video,  is EIS Organiser Amy Moran presenting on the implications of teaching in the pandemic, including the implementation of blended and remote learning, for workplace issues such as health and safety, workload, and participation in decision-making. Amy also outlines how to maximise organising opportunities in the COVID-19 context, including calling branch meetings and devising collective approaches to challenges which members may be facing at this time. 

Members are invited to contact their local EIS organiser via the contact list available here.

Two specialist Q&A panel session, one focused on the Primary sector and the other on Secondary. Each of these sessions led by EIS staff and supported by EIS members and Education Scotland colleagues. Questions and answers from the panels are also available.

Primary Panel

Secondary Panel

Further EIS professional learning resources on teaching during COVID-19:

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