Classroom leaders becoming confident leaders in working life

30 participants came together over the last two days of sunshine this Autumn to develop their skills and confidence around leadership. 

Starting from a place of recognising each leads the learning experiences of young people; each course challenged negative views of self-selling and built self-efficacy.

These courses were delivered free to EIS members by Neish Training and the Social Enterprise Academy, and supported by the SUL Learning Fund.

What were the key learning participants took away?

  1. Take opportunities to try out something that doesn’t feel comfortable, while in safe spaces, e.g. volunteer to give a group presentation when amongst supportive friends and colleagues.
  2. Identify places where leadership takes place in everyday life, this might be at home, with friends, with children, in certain work situations. Recognise from these that we all can be leaders.
  3. Presenting ourselves positively can be challenging. Feedback from others can help us recognise our strengths and be able to put them into words.     


What was useful for participants?

'Opportunities to network with like-minded staff.  We don’t meet with the mind to support one another often enough.'

'Being able to hear from those who have come through a move into management, the positives, the difficulties, and people do come through it.'

'Being supported to talk positively about myself.'


Where can I find out more about this topic?

There are a variety of tools available online to help explore leadership qualities and skills.  Look for the following topics for more information:

'Goleman’s Leadership Styles' – Summary and an article by Goleman.

'Leadership Styles Questionnaires' – many tools exist online to get started understanding your own leadership style.

'Johari Window' – a tool for exploring self-awareness and approaches to leadership. TES has a tool available, and other explanations are available online.