EIS and Globe Education joined together again, to offer workshops for primary and secondary school teachers on how to bring Shakespeare texts alive in the classroom.  

Feedback from participants on all EIS professional learning courses highlights the value of developing practical skills to take back to the classroom. Workshop participants did just that as they put themselves in the shoes of their pupils. As one participant stated, "I was a little wary of joining in at first but really enjoyed it."

The variety of activities had participants sound and act out lines of iambic pentameter verse to the Haka, walk around the room like butter spreading on warm toast, and act out character archetypes, such as the king and the joker.  

While focusing on Shakespeare, the tools and techniques explored in each workshop were applicable across many other recent EIS Professional Learning courses on topics such as leadership, conflict resolution, and developing awareness of young people's mental health.

For example, teachers engaged in many activities while standing in a circle during activities to break down hierarchy.  Being able to freely move around the classroom space was also an important part of the lesson, emphasising the physical dimensions of learning.

Globe Education offers a wealth of online materials for teachers to access for free.  They can also be contacted via their website to work with individual schools.