Developing our awareness of mental health in young people

In September 2019, 13 teachers came together to discuss tackling mental health needs of the young people we work with in secondary schools.

Participating in activities to be used back in the classroom with young people, we were transported back to our own adolescence, and started to plan how to positively impact mental health awareness in our own working and learning environments.

This course was delivered free to EIS members by Arete Training, and supported by the SUL Learning Fund.

Key learning from the day

  1. Wrapping health and wellbeing around the core business of learning ensures resilient young people are ready to learn and engage.

  2. Warning signs of mental ill health are cumulative. Recognising and addressing early enables prevention options, rather than responding to crisis. Partnerships are essential to reach wider community and the preventative routes the community can offer.

  3. When talking about mental health, use language that is meaningful for you and your audience. Instead of denying language use, for example use of stereotypes and swearing, acknowledge it and ask what leads young people to use these terms, and illustrate the results on others.


What was useful for participants?

"Knowing we're not alone in the issues we are facing daily.’

‘Gaining a greater understanding of a topic that is so relevant right now but can be widely misunderstood.’

‘Going away with a toolkit of positive strategies to use in the classroom.’


Where can I find out more about this topic?

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