Teachers' Rights - Learning Rep Survey of Primary Teachers in Fife

In November 2020, Fife Learning Rep Tony Russell conducted a survey of Primary members in Fife on the subject of Teachers Rights. This survey was carried out as part of an EIS Learning Rep training course research project, in which Tony was investigating local members' knowledge and understanding of their rights with a view to developing relevant professional learning activities on this topic. Below, Tony outlines his research process and reports on the survey findings.


Hello EIS Colleagues,

Here is a summary of my survey results.

I used this data to successfully complete the Learning Rep research project and virtual presentation with Q&A.

Your support was very much appreciated – thank you.

If anyone would like to make a further communication, here are my details:



As the new EIS Learning Rep for Fife, my first priority will be to try and arrange a professional learning workshop for Teachers' Rights based on this research - so look out for this in Term 4.



  1. Survey opened Friday 13th November 2020

  2. Questionnaire sent to Fife EIS Primary Teachers: Probationers, Newly Qualified Teachers, Teachers, Chartered Teachers and Promoted Teachers

  3. 351 responses to questionnaire (1744 sent) – Returns: 22%

  4. I also received 92 personal statements.

  5. Sent from the EIS database to all current Primary teachers in Fife. However, this will have included some people who are no longer in Fife or Primary teaching, as there is reliance on members to update their details when their employment changes.

  6. Categories, numbers, and percentages:

    • Probationers: 134%

    • Newly Qualified Teachers: 134%

    • Teachers: 28681%

    • Chartered Teachers: 82%

    • Promoted Teachers: 319%

  1. Closed on Friday 27th November 2020

Research Questionnaire for EIS Primary Teachers