Taking Pride in Teaching LGBT+ Young People

On Saturday 25th January, EIS members from all over Scotland gathered at EIS HQ in Edinburgh for a professional learning event on implementing LGBT+ Inclusive Education, under the title Taking Pride in Teaching LGBT+ Young People.

The event was organised following a motion passed at EIS AGM 2019, resolving that the Institute welcome Scottish Government guidance on LGBT+ inclusion and work with key partners to ensure that it is implemented in every school in Scotland.

This builds on the EIS's established role advocating for inclusive education in Scotland over many years, including shaping policy and guidance at the national level.

This event included the following sessions. Please see links for further details.

Keynote “Health and Wellbeing: Responsibility of all, but not the sex bits…” – Suzanne Hargreaves, Education Scotland Senior Education Officer for Health and Wellbeing

Workshop “Inclusive Education: Supporting LGBT Young People”, Cat Telford, Stonewall Scotland Empowerment Programmes Officer

Workshop “Creating an LGBT Inclusive Curriculum”, Caitlin Wood, LGBT Youth Scotland Education Capacity Building Officer

Workshop “LGBT-Inclusive Education: Getting Started on Curriculum and Classroom Content”, TIE Campaign Co-Founder Jordan Daly

Plenary – Member-led Panel Session

Keep up with members' work on LGBT+ inclusive education via the twitter hashtag #EISTeachingLGBT