24th April 2013 

The EIS has noted the publication of the results of the Scottish Survey of Literacy and highlighted the strong levels of pupil performance and the encouraging indicators that the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence is progressing well.

Commenting on the publication of the survey results, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said: "Generally speaking the survey results offer a welcome reassurance that pupils continue to perform well in Scottish schools and that key aspects of CfE are taking root.

"However, the report uses language such as 'working within their respective levels' which is not how progress should be measured. Progress is a continuum; the levels are indicative not replacement categories for the old 5-14 framework.

"Of particular concern is the clear evidence that poverty and deprivation continue to impact on young people's progress. The EIS believes that specific action is needed to address the impact of poverty on education and we are keen to work with others to this end."