Shared Aims

1. The Scottish Parent Teacher Council and the Educational Institute of Scotland share a commitment to partnership working on issues relating to Scottish Education and the shared interests of Scottish Teachers and Scottish Parents. 

SPTC and EIS have jointly developed this Memorandum of Understanding to reflect and underpin this joint commitment.

2. This Memorandum is based on a mutual understanding of the distinct values and roles of each organisation and provides a framework for developing a genuine partnership. 

The Memorandum of Understanding does, however, recognise that, from time to time, some differences between the two organisations will arise. In such circumstances each organisation will treat with respect any differing views expressed.

3. The EIS and SPTC recognise that, in order to make progress in these areas, will require both organisations to work together efficiently and effectively. 

The core objective of this Memorandum of Understanding is to establish processes and procedures to allow meaningful engagement with each other across a wide range of Scottish Educational Policy issues.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Both organisations recognise and respect each others roles and functions, which, although distinct, are complementary to one another.

2. The Scottish Parent Teacher Council is a membership body for parents’ groups in Scottish schools covering both Parent Councils and Parent Teacher Associations. 

SPTC supports parents who want to get involved in their children’s school by offering advice, support and information.

3. The Educational Institute of Scotland is a trade union and professional association representing 60,000 teaching staff in Scotland. 
The EIS is committed to the highest standards of education provision in order to offer our young people and best opportunities in education, training and social and cultural development. 

In addition the EIS looks after the interests and welfare of teachers across Scotland in terms of pay, conditions, representation and support.


1. It is expected that this Memorandum of Understanding,  and the positive working relationship between our two organisations it will help to foster, will bring significant benefits to both the EIS and the SPTC by:

a) Increasing understanding of how both SPTC and EIS work, and their respective policy priorities.

b) Extending opportunities for both organisations to contribute their experience and ideas in relation to the development of each organisation’s policy, practice and priorities.

c) Achieving a consistency of approach with regard to the relationship between both organisations.

d) Facilitating access to the views and policy priorities of each other’s organisations.

e) Informing the procedures which develop the policies and practices in each other’s organisations.

f) Working in partnership in areas of mutual interest.

g) Informing longer term planning and strategic thinking within both organisations.

Partnership Values

1. The relationship between the STPC and the EIS will be based on:

a) mutual respect and trust;

b) openness and transparency in communications;

c) commitment to being positive and constructive;

d) commitment to work with and learn from others;

e) a continuing dialogue on policy and priorities;

f) ensuring high quality outcomes, and

g) making the best use of resources.

Shared Priorities

1. The EIS and SPTC will work together towards achieving the best for Scottish Education and for Scotland’s young people, parents and teaching staff.

2. Both organisations are committed to ensuring that the Scottish Government and Scotland’s Local Authorities provide the resources necessary to deliver a world class education system for all in Scotland’s schools in all areas and regions of the country.

3. Both parties believe that a well resourced and successful education system will provide improved opportunity for all of Scotland’s people including parents, teachers and young people.

4. Our shared priorities will require: solidarity, cohesion, social partnership and partnership working between both organisations.

Commitment from the Scottish Parent Teacher Council

1. The EIS can expect:

a) Access to the views, opinions, knowledge, expertise and experience of Scotland’s longest standing and independent parent’s organisation.

b) Informed input to EIS policy development from the unique perspective of the parent.

c) The perspective of EIS members to be taken into account in the development of SPTC policy.

d) A Commitment to an ongoing dialogue and information exchange to ensure opportunities for co-operation and understanding are identified and acted upon.

e) Within our means, SPTC will be responsive and co-operative in providing and sharing information and comment, and in responding to meeting requests.

Commitment from the Educational Institute of Scotland

1. The SPTC can expect:

a) Access to the views, opinions, knowledge, expertise and experience of Scotland’s teachers through Scotland’s largest, oldest and most effective teacher trade union.

b) A contribution to the development of policy drawing on the unique range of expertise and experience of EIS members.

c) As appropriate for the views, opinions, expertise and experience on Scotland’s parents (through the SPTC) to inform policy development within the EIS.

d) That the EIS will consult and communicate with SPTC in order to maintain a dialogue on specific issues of common interest.

e) The EIS will respond to requests for information, advice or background to policy and will respond to a request for a meeting within a reasonable timescale.


1. It is expected that the level of engagement between the EIS and the SPTC can be summarised as follows:

a) A formal meeting between senior figures within both organisations on an annual/biannual basis.

b) Officials of both organisations will meet and communicate as and when necessary.

c) Agreement will be reached at an early stage in relation to the sharing of documents, periodicals, news releases etc. between both organisations.

d) Consideration of the possibility of the production of joint public statements on appropriate issues of common interest.

e) Exchange of other aspects of each organisation’s work as appropriate.

Delivery and Monitoring

1. The EIS and SPTC will jointly review the terms of this Memorandum on an annual basis which will be reported to the next full meeting between the two organisations along with any recommendations for amendment.