Dear Colleague

Firstly, let me thank you for the solidarity displayed in the first two days of strike action. It has been impressive.

The EIS has previously advised members that we will leave no stone unturned to resolve this dispute and that strike action is our last resort.

Accordingly, the EIS has agreed to enter into talks with Edinburgh College at ACAS, without preconditions, with a view to resolving this current dispute. The meeting will take place early next week.

As a sign of good faith and in order to create space for the talks, the EIS Emergency sub-committee has suspended Tuesday's planned strike action.

We enter into discussions with the College in good faith. If, however, the ACAS talks are unsuccessful, then the strike action will re-commence next Thursday as planned, to be followed by a sustained campaign.

Recommencement of strike action would be in the knowledge that the EIS had tried and failed to resolve the dispute at ACAS.

Further bulletins will be issued to keep members informed of developments.


Larry Flanagan
General Secretary