To oppose compulsory redundancies at Argyll College, we are urging you to write to your MSP by using the letter template below.

You will have a number of MSPs representing your area, your local MSP and a number of “list” MSPs, please send this message to all of them.

Please cc Kyla Steele and Dee Matthew to all correspondence.

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Letter template

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Dear (Insert MSP NAME)

 Argyll College – compulsory redundancies

I am writing to raise concerns about the imposition of compulsory redundancies at Argyll College as I am a member of lecturing staff at the College and a member of EIS-FELA.

There have been two compulsory redundancy consultations ongoing at Argyll College since September.

Both members are hairdressing lecturers at the Rothesay campus. The College reason for redundancy is that the course is not financially viable. One reason given was the student numbers had dropped, whilst another was the cost of signing up to national bargaining. The course was full for 2020-21 session as there could only be limited student numbers due to social distancing restrictions in the salon in Rothesay.

Over the past few years, we have seen all but one of the hairdressing course facilities shut despite its long running success.  This would be the final SVQ in hairdressing to be cut from the College’s prospectus. There is growing concern as to why these vocational courses have been removed from the college portfolio, given their many years of success. Furthermore, many believe these vocational opportunities will be vital to economic recovery post-COVID. These compulsory redundancies are in contravention of the Scottish Government’s Public Sector Pay Policy. We do not believe that they are fair redundancies.

Our position is that there should be no compulsory redundancies in terms of the public sector pay policy; and that these redundancies are happening because of Argyll College signing up to NRPA and due to COVID – when there should be no detriment to members due to either.

We are concerned that Notice of redundancy will be issued imminently which will offer basic statutory redundancy plus £500 ex gratia for each person. The College states that UHI are aware and can offer no funds and that SFC would not authorise enhancements either.

We have previously had support from Michael Russell MSP who represented our position to the College. However, our members still face threat of compulsory redundancy.

The threat of redundancies has negatively impacted the wellbeing of these individuals and of all colleagues. They have received minimal and sparce communication from the college during this period and the only support offered for their wellbeing was a link to a website. 

One of our members who is facing redundancy said: “We feel that the students progressing onto the next stage in their learning journey have been let down by the College, as well as any future students as it has not been made clear weather the SVQ hairdressing course is going to be offered in the future. This has been a very worrying and anxious time for both students and ourselves. This has caused a lot of stress in my life as I go through one month to the next not knowing exactly what is going to happen, the feeling of being in limbo is very unsettling and has also impacted greatly on my mental health. We feel we have built a good reputation for the salon within the local community, as not many people knew the College offered this hairdressing course and that they could come and get their hair styled by the students. To lose this in this small community would be tragic.”

We are requesting your support in opposing these redundancies and supporting the preservation of the hairdressing sector here at Argyll College. We intend to campaign against these redundancies publicly through social and local media and would appreciate any support you may be able to offer.

Kind regards

(Insert Your Name)

Argyll College – EIS FELA Branch