A Campaigning Union

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The EIS campaigns for the advancement of education and teachers. It also campaigns on issues affecting wider society.

One of the reasons that our campaigns are successful is that our members lead and take an active part in our campaigns.

Value Education Value Teachers - Workload

As a result of the ‘Value Education Value Teachers’ campaign on pay, the EIS delivered a 13% pay increase over three years for all Scottish teachers through an active and dynamic campaign – culminating in a march through Glasgow by over 25,000 members and supporters.

During that campaign, the EIS surveyed members about the professional issues that most affected them. Unmanageable and excessive workload was identified by most teachers as having a negative impact on their health and wellbeing.

The EIS then launched its 'Time to Tackle Workload' campaign where it will continue to campaign at national and local level for a reduction in excessive workload for teachers and for improved governance in order to empower teachers to control their work more effectively.

Face up to Child Poverty

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Poverty can have a devastating impact on the educational achievements of children and young people. By the age of three, children in poverty are thought to be 9 months behind the average development and school readiness.

The EIS 'Face up to Child Poverty' Campaign is raising awareness of the consequences of inequality in society and highlighting poverty and inequality issues, specifically in relation to the impact on learning and teaching.

Alongside Child Poverty Action Group Scotland we produced a ‘Face Up to Child Poverty’ booklet which offers EIS members advice on how to poverty proof their classroom and a ‘School Costs’ video which focuses on the struggle of families on low incomes to meet the costs associated with their children attending school.