Teachers from across Scotland will gather in Edinburgh today for a special conference focusing on the delivery of education for young people with Additional Support Needs (ASN) in Scotland's schools.

The conference, organised by the EIS, is entitled Responding to the Diverse Range of Pupils' Additional Support Needs.

The event aims to provide professional learning for EIS members on ASN as well as providing opportunity for exploration of some of the key related issues.

It will be chaired by EIS President Alison Thornton, and will feature a keynote presentation by Professor Lani Florian, Bell Chair of Education at Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh.

Today's conference will also mark the publication of a new EIS guidance document on ASN, Additional Support for Learning in Scottish school education: Exploring the gap between promise and practice. This publication draws on a recent survey of ASN provision across Scotland, commissioned by the EIS and carried out by the University of Aberdeen.

Commenting, EIS President Alison Thornton said, "Ensuring adequate provision of education for young people with Additional Support Needs is one of the most frequently cited concerns by teachers across the country."

"The EIS remains absolutely committed to the principle of inclusive education, and to the policy of educating young people with additional support needs in mainstream classes where this is the most appropriate environment for their learning."

"It is clear that, where issues with ASN provision arise, these are most often associated with a lack of resources and specialist staff to support young people with additional support needs. It is the operation and resourcing of ASN policy that causes the most concern, not the principles that lie behind it."