The internationally renowned Finnish educationalist, Pasi Sahlberg, will be the keynote speaker at this Saturday’s (28 April) Education Conference, organised by the EIS. The Conference will be held at the University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow.

The theme for the day is Empowering Teachers: turning up the volume on professional voice, and the conference will bring teachers and lecturers from across Scotland together for a series of engaging presentations, stimulating workshops and opportunities to exchange thoughts and ideas.

The key themes that Pasi Sahlberg will explore in his presentation are expected to include:

  • The purpose of education and its relationship to equity.

  • The potential of CfE to realise this purpose and the role of teachers in achieving this.

  • Perspectives on mixed ability teaching and the inclusion of children with additional support needs.

  • Views on what should be the purpose and nature of assessment.

  • Data collection and analysis and an over-emphasis on ‘big data’ rather than teacher judgement.

  • Teacher autonomy, professional trust and collaboration.

The Conference will be chaired by EIS President Nicola Fisher.  Other speakers will include Larry Flanagan, EIS General Secretary and Gayle Gorman, Chief Executive of Education Scotland.

Members of the media are welcome to attend Saturday’s conference as observers. Please confirm your attendance by emailing in advance, to guarantee access.