The EIS has said that promoting the wellbeing of all children, protecting vulnerable and at-risk children, and supporting those with complex needs, must remain a top priority, despite the decision to scrap the 'Named Person' scheme.

Commenting following the announcement that the Scottish Government will not proceed with Named Person legislation, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "Although the Named Person scheme became a highly controversial subject, it was originally conceived as a genuine attempt to ensure that the protection afforded to vulnerable and at-risk young people across Scotland was as robust as it could be, to ensure that children did not fall through cracks in the system, and to strengthen the support to those with needs requiring a multi-agency approach."

"While legislation is not always the best route to achieving such aims, we must not lose sight of the need that still exists to deliver on that ambition."

Mr Flanagan added, "The requirement to improve collaborative practice across support agencies and schools remains critical in ensuring that vulnerable children are looked after."

"Key to delivering the necessary improvement is the allocation of sufficient staffing, time and resources to allow all agencies to work together to enhance child protection policy and practice and strengthen the support to those with wellbeing needs that cannot be met by the school alone. Given the growing number of young people in need of such support, additional investment is a matter of urgency."