New international figures, published today by the OECD, have confirmed that Scotland's teachers work some of the longest hours in the world.

The annual report Education at a Glance also confirms that Scotland's teachers spent the highest percentage of their working day in front of a class. The report indicates that Scotland's teachers spend 63% of their contractual working day teaching classes – the highest level of any country covered in the OECD survey.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "These international comparisons confirm, once again, that Scotland's teachers work some of the longest hours of any OECD country with a very high percentage of time spent in front of the class."

"In fact, with 63% of their working day spent in front of a class, Scotland's teachers have the highest teaching commitment of any country covered by the OECD report.

"This extremely high class commitment squeezes the time available for the type of professional dialogue that makes a difference in terms of raising attainment, particularly for pupils disadvantaged by poverty, and of course it is major driver of excessive workload."

Mr Flanagan added, "Following our pay campaign success earlier this year, tackling excessive teacher workload is now the focus of our Value Education Value Teachers campaign."

"A reduction in the class-contact commitment for all teachers would be a vital step in reducing workload to a more manageable level, while protecting the high quality of educational experience for young people in our schools."