The EIS AGM takes place at Perth Concert Hall from Thursday to Saturday this week.

59 Motions will be debated on a wide range of issues, including a Motion calling on the Scottish Government to reconsider plans which would allow local authorities to charge teachers for parking in school car parks.

The EIS has previously raised concerns about the possible impact of charging teachers to travel to work by car, and recently gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament calling for schools to be exempted from workplace parking proposals.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "Concerns over the potential introduction of workplace parking charges in schools have led to this Motion, which looks certain to prompt an interesting debate at this year's AGM."

"Many teachers travel a significant distance to school for work – often to sites that are not well served by public transport. Teachers will often arrive at school early in the morning and leave late, and often while carrying heavy equipment or books for preparation and correction outside of school."

"Schools in some parts of the country, particularly those in rural or remote areas, can face significant difficulty in recruiting sufficient numbers of qualified teachers – so the potential introduction of a fee for driving to work could further add to these recruitment challenges."