Pride Events 2024

Created on: 11 Feb 2019 | Last modified: 24 Jun 2024

The EIS encourages all members to get involved with local Pride events, to demonstrate the Union’s, and educators', strong support for equality and LGBT rights.

Pride events are great opportunities to get together, show solidarity and share the work of the EIS.

If you would like to get involved, please email the contact, listed below, for the event you plan to attend. You are welcome to attend any Pride event, regardless of your local association/branch.


Celebrating Arran Pride 2024!


Fife Pride

Saturday 29 June 2024 

Contact: Jane McKeown, LA Secretary (


Mardi Gla (Glasgow)

Saturday 20 July 2024, Glasgow 

Contact: Damien Donnelly, Glasgow EIS Equality Rep (


Pride South Lanarkshire

Saturday 27 July 2024, Hamilton

Contact: Jennifer Gaffney, LA Secretary (


West Lothian Pride

Saturday 27 July 2024, Howden Park Centre 

Contact: Heather Hughes, LA Secretary (


Oban Pride

Saturday 30 August/Sunday 1 September 2024

Contact: Alison Palmer, LA Secretary (



EIS members at Mardi Gla

Representing the EIS at last year's Mardi Gla!



Pride in Moray

Saturday 7 September 2024, Forres

Contact: Susan Slater, LA Secretary (


We shall update this page as events are confirmed. If you know of any other Pride events taking place in Scotland this summer, please let us know by emailing Natalie at