In this day and age £5 only goes as far as a cup of coffee and, if you’re lucky, a third of a muffin. However, for teachers and students at 2018’s Science Festival, £5 will give you access to more than 70 talks, discussions and activities with our #SciFive offer. 

We’re super excited to bring this offer back to students, and even more chuffed that we’ve opened it up to teachers for the first time. We want teachers to come to the Festival, learn a little something and bring inspiration back to their classrooms. Who wouldn’t love some science spread through their lessons? The same remains for students – pick an event or two, or three, that tickle your fancy to gain that little bit of extra intrigue and passion. Or just be the catalyst for some bizarre and whacky conversations.

Who can use the #SciFive offer?

The #SciFive offer is open to any registered teacher and students in full-time matriculated education. Be sure to sign up to the mailing list here!

We are so excited to celebrate the Year of Young People and can’t wait for loads of students 26 years and under in full-time education to take advantage of our #SciFive offer. And we’re still keeping the offer open to all full-time students in matriculated education, regardless of age.

How can I use the #SciFive offer?

The adult events that are included in the #SciFive offer are labelled in the program and online. After browsing through the plethora of events, simply select the #SciFive £5 option in the drop-down menu when booking tickets. Or tell our Box Office you’re eligible for the offer if you’re booking over the phone or in person. Then bring along either student or teacher ID to the designated event, and hey presto! You’re in.

What kind of events are on offer?

Well, what a question. There are more than 70 different events those eligible for #SciFive can choose from. If you’re into Robotics, pop along to What Does a Robot Think About When No One is Around?The Future of Human Sexuality or Are Friends Electric? Our Future Living with Robots. 

If space is more your thing, we’ve got Leaving Planet EarthNASA’s Newest Recruit, The Search For Life in the Universe or Get Your Hands Off Me You Damned Dirty Alien!

Perhaps you’re a psychology student or teacher, or interested in how the mind works. The Psychology of BriberyThe Seduction of Curves or The Amazing Science of Bad Language are the ones for you.

Biology enthusiasts will adore Unearthing the Secrets of Corpses and Friend or Foe? The Parasites that Live Inside Us. And foodies can wonder at BBC’s Marty Jopson’s The Science of Food.

There is actually too much to write about, so head to our website or pick up a brochure, search for the #SciFive events, sign up to our mailing list and start being intrigued.