Ballot Result: 31 January 2022

Created on: 31 Jan 2022 | Last modified: 31 Jan 2022

Pay Ballot

Pay Ballot Update

Members have voted overwhelmingly to reject the current pay offer for 2021/22 from COSLA, which should have been paid in April 2021.

On a 53% turn-out, 98% (26,802) voted to reject with 2% (545) in favour of accepting. A big thank-you to everyone who took part!

The EIS Salaries Committee meets on Thursday of this week to consider the result. Further negotiations, where EIS negotiators will be seeking an improved offer from COSLA, are scheduled for the following week.

There is a real time pressure around discussions as the forthcoming local government elections will create a lengthy hiatus in discussions, if agreement cannot be reached before then. An improved offer is an absolute imperative to progress, however.

In addition, the EIS Salaries Committee will decide upon our pay claim for 2022/23, due to be paid in April this year.

Read the EIS press release here.

Covid Update

The Covid Education Recovery Group (CERG) met last week and heard an update from the sub-group of SAGE which advises on education matters.

Despite the broader societal relaxation of covid mitigations, the EIS has continued to argue for maximum caution in relation to schools and nurseries, which remain working environments for staff. We have seen record levels of both pupil and staff covid related absences and despite some societal drops in the numbers, last week saw the figures for younger children shoot up again, after a previous drop.

Against this background, and the EIS having written directly to Linda Bauld, Chair of the sub-group, urging caution, it was agreed that no major changes in the school guidance would be enacted (a few minor changes will be issued this week), and that the current guidance on face coverings would be retained.

Both the sub-group and CERG will meet again next week but it is anticipated that current guidance will remain in place up to the February break, at least. There was broad agreement, also, that going forward a phased approach to any changes would be beneficial.