Climate Change Bulletin

Climate Change

The EIS has extensive climate change policies and supports climate change education in schools. We are also working with other trade unionists around the world to call on governments to agree meaningful outputs at the COP26.

EIS Climate Education Webinars

The EIS is hosting a series of twilight webinars looking at the climate emergency, and the role of education and trade unions in tackling this. The first webinar takes place tomorrow – Wednesday 29th September.

Webinar 1 - Climate change - the challenge for society, trade unions and individuals (Wednesday 29 September, 6:30pm)

Featuring presentations from :

  • Jimmy Paul, Director at Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll)

  • Stephen Smellie, TU Rep at COP26 Coalition

  • Fraser Stewart, Applied Public Policy Researcher, University of Strathclyde

Webinar 2 – Climate Change Education (Wednesday 6th October, 6:30pm)

Featuring presentations from: 

  • Prof Dave Reay, Chair in Carbon Management & Education at the University of Edinburgh and Director of Edinburgh Climate Change Institute
  • Sally Romily, Global Learning Advisor at Greenpeace
  • Charlotte Gardiner, iBike Manager at Sustrans Scotland

Webinar 3 - How can we support young people in the climate action movement? (Wednesday 27th October, 6:30pm)

Featuring presentations from:

  • Juliet Harris, Director at Together Scotland
  • Lily Henderson, youth activist at Fridays For Future Scotland
  • Victoria Smith, Director at GTCS

Webinar 4 – Avoiding and Tackling Ecoanxiety amongst school pupils (Wednesday 3rd November, 6:30pm)

Featuring presentations from:

  • Dr Patrick Kennedy-Williams and Megan Kennedy-Woodward, founders of Climate Psychologists

Call for Exhibits of Early Years and School Pupils’ Work on Climate-related Issues

Would you be willing to support your pupils to digitally share their work on a national scale through an online exhibition hosted by the EIS? The exhibition will be open to virtual visitors from all over Scotland and even beyond!

We’d be delighted to receive artwork, writing in various genres such as stories, poetry and essays, short drama pieces, short video pieces, music and song, science investigations - any kind of piece that can be scanned or photographed or recorded and hosted online. All pieces that are sent to us complete and in downloadable files will be included in the exhibition Please send any pupil work to by Wednesday 27th October.

Call for Climate Change Teaching Resources

We would be grateful to receive climate change education resources or materials from members. These materials should be materials or resources produced by members, and may cover any aspect of climate change for pupils or students in schools, colleges or universities.

These materials will be added to a climate change portal which we hope to launch in the run-up to COP26 and it will be available to members for the rest of the school year.

Please contact Lucy Murray if you have any queries or to submit your materials by the 8th October 2021.

COP26 Coalition Demo

The EIS is supporting the COP26 Coalition Demonstration in Glasgow on Saturday 6th November. The Executive has agreed to financially support EIS Local Associations that arrange buses for members travelling to the Glasgow COP26 Demo, if it is safe to do so.

Education International - Teach for the Planet Campaign

The Education International Teach for the Planet campaign aims to ensure that climate education, based on science and with a civic action focus, becomes as fundamental as teaching reading and writing.

The campaign will drive global mobilisation for quality climate education leading up to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November 2021.

Find out more about the campaign on the Education International Website.