Update from Council: March 2022

Created on: 14 Mar 2022 | Last modified: 14 Mar 2022

Council News


EIS Council agreed to ballot members on the pay offer received for 2021 with a recommendation to accept and to start building a campaign around the 2022 claim of 10%. Ballot papers will be issued shortly. Details of the offer can be found here, alongside FAQS.

Covid Update

Council was surprised to hear that the Covid Education Recovery Group (CERG) has effectively been closed down by the Scottish Government. The General Secretary was instructed to written to the Cabinet Secretary for Education protesting the decision and also raising EIS concerns at the suggestion that asymptomatic testing for school staff could be ended shortly.  The letter can be read here.

Local Government Manifesto

The EIS has launched its manifesto for the 2022 Local Government Elections. The manifesto will be shared nationally with political parties and used locally by Local Associations for campaigning on the key issues in Education.

Ukraine Donation

EIS Council agreed a donation of £50,000 to Education International’s Ukraine Solidarity fund, primarily aimed at supporting child refugees arriving in neighbouring countries. A resolution expressing solidarity with the people of Ukraine was passed, also, along with a call for the UK Government to do more to welcome and help refugees.