27 April 2021

Created on: 27 Apr 2021 | Last modified: 18 Nov 2021

FELA Bulletin

Dear Colleagues,

Special EIS-FELA Executive – Ratification of NJNC Agreement made on 23rd April

The EIS-FELA Executive Committee met this morning and made the unanimous decision to ratify the NJNC Agreement made with Colleges Scotland negotiators on Friday 23rd April. The NJNC Agreement will only have effect if it is ratified by both Sides.

If the Employers Association follow suit and also ratify the agreement, then the national dispute over the replacement of lecturers with instructor/assessor roles will be brought to a conclusion – pending a formal meeting of the NJNC. Ratification by the Employers’ Association would also lead to planned strike action being cancelled; beginning with the remaining day of action currently planned for Thursday of this week.

Further information regarding the dispute and next steps will be shared with members once the Employers’ Association let us know the outcome of its deliberations. Over the last few weeks, EIS-FELA members across Scotland have taken strike action in defence of the central role of the lecturer in Further Education and made their voice heard loud and clear.

There is little doubt that the resolve of members in taking strike action has strengthened the hand of your national negotiators and hopefully brought this dispute to an end.

Strike action continues this week at Forth Valley College, with the local EIS-FELA Branch continuing their programme of three days of strike action in pursuit of a resolution to resolve their dispute. They do so with the full solidarity of EIS-FELA nationally in their campaign.

EIS-FELA / EIS-ULA Hustings: Thursday 29th April, 6:30pm

On Thursday evening, with one week to go until the Scottish Parliament election, a joint FE/HE online hustings will be held by EIS-FELA and EIS-ULA. This event will afford members an opportunity to hear from and ask questions of politicians on matters specific to Further and Higher Education in Scotland. As of the time of this email, the following political party attendees have been confirmed:

  • Richard Lochhead, Scottish National Party

  • Ross Greer, Scottish Greens

  • Michael Marra, Scottish Labour

  • TBC, Scottish Liberal Democrats

Registration details for the event can be found on the EIS website.

Members are encouraged to register before the event, using the link, and to indicate if they wish to ask the panel questions. There will also be a live stream of the event, via Facebook Live, on the EIS Facebook page.


Larry Flanagan
EIS General Secretary