Send My Friend to School – launch of teacher campaign pack

Created on: 15 Mar 2022 | Last modified: 15 Mar 2022

Send My Friend to School has launched their new campaign for this coming calendar year. Below is an outline of the campaign including links to the campaign pack, policy report and social media toolkit.

The EIS is a member of the Send My Friend to School coalition and is supportive of new campaign: ‘All My Friends Need Teachers'.

The campaign highlights:

“A lack of well-trained, adequately supported teachers represents one of the greatest barriers to universal primary and secondary education in low - and lower-middle-income countries. All My Friends Need Teachers, therefore, sets out the centrality of teachers to the UK Government delivering on its global education agenda with particular consideration for inclusive education and education in crisis contexts.”

Send My Friend are calling for the UK Government to buttress its global commitments to education, including those endorsed by the G7, by leading the donor community to support partner countries to recruit and train 1.8 million teachers. Their new policy report sets out priorities for a new strategy on global teacher policy, in response to the UK Government’s welcome commitment to “take a fresh look at how to train, recruit and motivate teachers’. 

From today, teachers, parents, and young people can download the campaign pack with everything they need to begin campaigning from their classroom or home. Teachers based in Scotland may also wish to involve their local MSPs in their letter writing and any potential campaigning activities.

To show your support online, please use the Send My Friend social media toolkit