Anti-Racist Policy Booklet


Racism can manifest itself in many ways. It is most easily recognised at a personal level through a display of prejudice, ignorance and stereotyping. This behaviour damages not only those subjected to it but also those who perpetrate it.

More difficult to see but very damaging is cultural and institutional racism which operates to exclude black/minority ethnic (BME) people from employment, promotion and services.

Many people of different cultures and nationalities live in Scotland providing a diversity of ethnic groups, religious beliefs, tradition, languages, all of which play a part in the enrichment of the culture and tradition of our society.

This document will, first of all, look at the legal framework as outlined in the Equality Act and how it applies to race. It will then identify how anti-racism issues can be promoted in an educational environment. Finally, the document concludes by signposting and providing advice to members on how to deal with racism in establishments.

A glossary is provided to define key terms used within this document.

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