First Level – ‘The Book of Butterflies’

Created on: 22 Dec 2020 | Last modified: 21 Apr 2023

HWB Focus: Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood.

Week 1

  • Invite the children to watch this short clip from the Literacy Shed which shows butterflies lighting up the environment -

  • Using the clip, invite the children to think about the butterflies floating out of the book – can they think of some ‘wow’ words to describe them? Can they paint the butterflies with these ‘wow’ words next to them?

  • Invite the children to make their own butterflies – using whatever resources they have and prefer. This might be a 3D model, a chalk drawing or even a mobile.  Hang them in the classroom windows or in their windows at home to cheer up those people in their neighbourhood who are out for a walk.  Some examples from the Woodland Trust can be found here -

Week 2

Note in relation to the use of online resources

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