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Dear Member,

The SNCT negotiating group met this morning.

At the meeting the Teachers' Side rejected the offer which had been made previously as being "derisory" in terms of the 3% offer across the board and "divisive" in relation to proposing changes to the main-grade scale whilst leaving promoted scales untouched.

An OECD report last week, Education at a Glance, indicated globally that the average teachers' salary was equivalent to £42,000 and that Scotland was one of only 5 countries where teachers' pay has fallen, relative to graduate earnings, over the past decade.

A 3% offer, therefore, doesn't come close to matching the ambition of our 10% claim.

We were clear, also, that changes to only the main grade scale was divisive, potentially seeking to play one group of teachers off against another. What is effectively a differentiated offer is not acceptable. The EIS is willing to consider improvements to scale points but these would need to be financially equitable across all the scales.

Both Scottish Government and COSLA were asked to consider our response and to return to a future meeting, set for October 4th. Members will be kept informed of any progress made at that meeting.

In the meantime, we continue to build for the October 27th National Demonstration where a significant show of strength and support is imperative to the success of our pay campaign.

Larry Flanagan
General Secretary