Your first placement should be an enjoyable and inspiring time that runs smoothly from beginning to end and for many of our student members, this is the experience that they have.

There is always the potential for unforeseen circumstances to affect parts of the placement experience and this year some students contacted the EIS after IT issues at a university led to some difficulties with the online School Placement System.

This system is hosted by the GTCS but it is universities and partnership local authorities and schools that work together to secure placements for students.



In October, a group of students contacted their EIS Organiser for support and advice after some confusion and delay around their first placement of the year.



Initially, an EIS Organiser met with students to listen to their concerns and then arranged a meeting between university Course Leaders and students.

This meeting gave students the opportunity to ask questions and the Course Leaders the opportunity to explain in more detail the issues that they had faced and how they had been working to resolve them. Changes were made to the online system used by students and staff.



Collective action by students led to better relationships between students and lecturers/university staff and clearer lines of communication for the future.