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Message from the General Secretary

Hello and welcome to this EIS student bulletin.

Studying to be a teacher is a challenging experience at the best of times but in the strange world of lockdown, school closures, and an immediate future of blended learning being the norm (part in school for pupils, part remote learning), it is even harder.

It's challenging for all teachers, of course, not just student teachers. The EIS has been able to support our members, all 60,000 of them, very effectively over this period from providing advice re working from home, winning payment for supply teachers caught without a contract, through to ensuring that schools do not reopen until it is safe to do so.

Being part of a teacher trade union, means not being alone. It has been our collective strength that has allowed us to protect teachers in this period, in the same way that our collective strength allowed us to win the pay increases which you will benefit from in your careers.

So, whatever else you do, make sure that you keep up your EIS membership so that you can be part of our collective and enjoy all the benefits which that brings.

Best wishes

Larry Flanagan
General Secretary

GTCS Update and FAQs

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTC Scotland) has provided a number of updates around Covid-19 which can be found on our website here. Alternatively, please also visit the GTCS website for further information and regularly updated frequently asked questions.

Progression from Student Teacher to Probationer Teacher

The following contingency plans have been agreed between the General Teaching Council for Scotland and the Scottish Council of Deans of Education. 

These plans have been agreed in the context of Initial Teacher Education (ITE) providers moving to alternative methods of programme delivery. They are designed to provide clarity and consistency to students, and to make the process of sign-off manageable for schools and teachers in the current context.

For those due to start their Probationary year in August, the GTCS has indicated that the allocation process will go ahead as planned in spite of Covid 19 disruption.

COVID-19 Updates

To access the latest EIS advice, guidance and information on Covid-19 and its implications then please visit the EIS website.

To access the latest information on student support from the National Union of Students and to find out more about the work being done around exploring the psychological and social effects of Covid-19, please visit the NUS website.

We are also circulating a NUS petition and would ask that you give consideration to signing it. 

If you have concerns related to your university then please also contact your own student association body within your specific university or NUS Scotland for further advice.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support and Resources

It is so important that you look after your own mental health and wellbeing during this difficult time. The EIS recently launched a new online resource to promote health and wellbeing for teachers. There is a wide range of resources easily available on this topic so the EIS has collected free, quality assured resources which you can find on our website.

A comprehensive list of bodies giving health and wellbeing advice may be found on the EIS website. One of these bodies is  Education Support, a UK charity offering mental health and wellbeing support services to all education staff and organisations; its website has useful resources and further information.

Want to Share?

You will have worked incredibly hard during your studies into the teaching profession and we are always keen to hear from you as student teachers. Each year we publish our Into Teaching Student Magazine where we share experiences and stories of your journey into the teaching profession. If you would like to share and feature in any of our student publications and member bulletins then please get in touch with Dee Matthew.   



Online and Distance Professional Learning

Our Professional Learning Team are currently putting together a resource of online and digital professional learning courses and development opportunities. Please visit our website regularly for the latest opportunities.

We warmly welcome your ideas and feedback around Professional Learning; if you have any questions or comments, please contact Rob Henthorn, EIS Professional Learning Co-ordinator.

Online EIS Magazine – the SEJ

The EIS publishes a quarterly magazine for members with articles on Scottish education, trade union issues, equality issues, professional learning etc. It often has articles written by guest contributors on education and associated matters. Members can read our most recent edition online.

EIS Organiser Support for Students

If you would like advice or information related to your future employment as a teacher or would like to be more involved with the EIS please contact your EIS Organiser.

Ruth Winters: Glasgow University (Crichton Campus, Dumfries) and Queen Margaret University

Lou Dear: Edinburgh University and Stirling University

Dan Thompson: Aberdeen University, Dundee University and University of the Highlands and Islands

Dee Matthew: Glasgow University, Strathclyde University and The Royal Conservatoire

Suki Sangha: University of West of Scotland

TEI COVID-19 Updates

Please find below links to advice available to students regarding Covid-19 from each of the different Teacher Education Institutes around Scotland.

Edinburgh University

Edinburgh Napier University

Queen Margaret University

The Royal Conservatoire, Glasgow

University of Aberdeen

University of Dundee

University of Edinburgh

University of Glasgow (including Crichton Campus)

University of Stirling

University of Strathclyde

University of the Highlands and Islands

University of the West of Scotland