Reasons to Join the EIS

The Educational Institute of Scotland is the longest established teachers' union in the world. It is free for students and for up to 16 months from the start of probation, and if you need advice we are always available. Here are 10 reasons why The EIS should be your union of choice...Page 4


EIS Campaigns

The EIS is a campaigning organisation that takes a lead on the big issues for education and teachers. The EIS runs major campaigns to protect education, deliver better opportunities for learners and defend the pay and conditions of teachers...Page 6


What to Expect While on Placement

Going on placement can be daunting, but it can also be a lot of fun. Placement gives you the opportunity to put into practice all of the skills you've learnt and find your feet in the classroom. Here are a few tips to help along in your placement...Page 14


Get Involved

While on placement you can seek support and representation from the school EIS Rep. You are entitled to legal protection and insurance against theft and damage arising from your work as a teacher. You can also join in with union organised events, campaigns and become active in the organisation...Page 18