Using ICT

Created on: 24 Sep 2019 | Last modified: 24 Sep 2019

ICT is supposed to reduce workload not increase it. Think about the following when sitting down to use it.

When starting to look for something to support learning & teaching set yourself a time limit for the task

If you don't you might find yourself hunting for hours and never getting anything else done. Often the first thing you find will be as good as anything else.

When replying to emails consider whether you need to hit reply all or just reply to sender.

Reply all adds to others workload as at very least they need to read email before deleting.

If something needs a quick reply don't rely on email

Go and speak to people. Not everyone can check emails more than once a day.

If you have access to email on personal IT equipment (phone) switch it to unsync at end of working day/on weekend.

People don't send emails for immediate reply but if we see them it drags us into work mode when we should be resting.

If staff want to use Social Media to share information with parents, ensure time is set aside within WTA and set yourself limits on time spend doing this each week.

Perhaps have one school account and share who posts across the term to reduce duplication of workload.

What is the school's WhatsApp account for?

Is it increasing your workload because work pings through after hours or on weekend? If so, you might want to mute it and have conversation in school about content/purpose.

If possible use IT to takes notes during meetings.

If you can't then think twice before you simply type these up – is this a necessary task or would your written notes be enough in the file?

If it isn't adding to the learning experience you don't need to do it, John Swinney says so.