JNCHES: Workforce Planning and Organisational Change

The New JNCHES Sustainability Issues Working Group produced the following  Compendium of Workforce Planning and Organisational Change: Case Studies of Practice in Higher Education Institutions as part of the 2010-11 Pay Negotiations.

It is a joint document, written and agreed by the UK Universities Employers' Association and the five UK recognised campus trade unions.
This document should be seen as giving existing useful examples of good practice in the HE Sector, which all HEIs should aspire to. The EIS would expect all Scottish HEIs to carefully consider this document and seek to work with campus trade unions in the ways outlined in the document to develop effective working relationships between employers and trade unions.
The EIS believes that meaningful employer consultations, following the examples in the Case Studies, would improve redundancy consultations and therefore reduce the number of compulsory redundancies in the sector.

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