Following a number of meetings to discuss the joint trade union pay claim, the Employer has issued a full and final pay offer.  The full details of the offer can be accessed within the undernoted PDF.

In terms of pay, the offer provides for an uplift of 3% on earnings up to and including a threshold of £38,000, together with a pay increase of 1% on earnings above the £38,000 threshold.  Whilst this offer falls short of our pay claim, it exceeds the pay offer made to colleagues in the rest of the HE sector.  The New JNCHES pay offer for 2018-19 is 1.8%.

There are other important provisions contained within the offer, including a detailed roadmap outlining target dates for implementation of the review of a new pay and grading framework and terms and conditions of employment.  This follows on from the commitment in the 2018-19 SRUC pay settlement to agree these key milestones. 

It is the view of the Branch negotiators that this offer is the best that may be obtained by negotiation.   The EIS is opening a consultative ballot to seek members' views as to whether the EIS-SRUC branch members wish to accept the final pay offer made by the employers on 27 June 2019.  

Members will be posed one question and are asked to choose one of the two answers:

Are you willing to accept the full and final pay offer made by the Employer on 27 June 2019?

The ballot will open on Thursday, 4 July 2019 and run until 12 noon on Wednesday, 28 August 2019.

The SRUC EIS-ULA Branch Executive is recommending that you vote 'YES' in this consultative ballot.

If the offer is accepted, then the SRUC has stated that it is likely that this uplift, together with one month of backpay, can be paid in your September salary.  If it is rejected, then it is likely that the EIS will lodge a trade dispute with the SRUC and may implement the process to start industrial action.  

Please be advised that this is an internal consultative ballot for the EIS-SRUC Branch to ascertain the views of members and is not a statutory ballot for industrial action.