As part of the EIS 2018-19 Pay Campaign members are asked to send their MSPs an email outlining the case for the teachers’ pay claim. A model text is set out below. Please feel free to amend / personalise.

Dear MSP,

I write to seek your support, as my MSP, for the "Value Education Value Teachers" campaign, including the pay claim for a 10% increase. As you will be aware, the Scottish Government is one of three key players in the SNCT (Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers), alongside COSLA and the teaching unions, and its intervention is critical to the outcome of discussions.

Over the past decade, the attractiveness of teaching as a profession has been undermined. As teachers, we have suffered a 20% real-terms pay cut since 2008; this has been the price of an austerity driven pay policy which has made public sector workers pay for the mistakes of the bankers.

Indeed, Scottish education is on the brink of a recruitment crisis, with Initial Teacher Education courses being unfilled, newly qualified teachers failing to move into the profession, and significant numbers of teachers over 45 leaving early. Do you wish to see unqualified staff in front of classes or part time education in this ward?

Despite unprecedented levels of change and political interference, excessive workloads, and reduced external support – Scottish teachers have stayed focussed on what is important; our pupils. But goodwill is not endless, and delivery has come at significant cost to the wellbeing of many in our profession.

I am asking you, as my MSP, to make clear to Scottish Government, your support for the teachers’ pay claim and your desire to avoid the threat of industrial action in our schools by the reaching a negotiated settlement within the SNCT discussions.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely

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Contact your MSP

We are asking that you contact the MSPs for your your home address instead of the MSPs for your school. You will have 1 constituency MSP and 7 regional list MSPs. We ask that you send an email to each of them. You can find MSPs for your area on the Scottish Parliament website.  

Send us your Views

The EIS is eager to hear views from members in order to best support the future development of the pay campaign. Please feel free to copy us into emails to your MSPs or forward any responses you receive to