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January 2018

General Secretary foreword

Welcome to this first ER Bulletin; I hope you find it both informative and useful.

The Equality Rep initiative has been a significant success story for the Institute, creating a strong focus on workstreams which are ever more relevant to our society and to our aims as a profession.

Thank you for your personal commitment to this agenda and for all of your hard work in taking forward equality issues.

The Institute continues to campaign in various ways on all of the Equalities threads; currently, we are discussing with Scottish Government a potential CPD programme, to be led by the EIS (specifically including Equality Reps), on addressing the impact of poverty on educational attainment.

I hope to be able to discuss further this innovative development with the network, in the near future.

In the meantime, may I thank you again for your efforts on behalf of members and the profession generally.

Best wishes

Larry Flanagan

Equality updates: new guidance and resources

Various new resources and guidance documents have been published in recent months, some by the EIS and some by external organisations.

We would love to hear your feedback on any of these resources, and particularly if they have had an impact on practice in your area. Please send any feedback to Jenny Kemp, National Officer, Education and Equality.

The impact of poverty in education

New Child Poverty Action Group resources on the ‘Cost of the School Day’

These free resources, many suitable for use in group or training settings, can support schools to increase their understanding of child poverty, identify the impact of school costs and decide what action to take.

View resources

Gender equality

Sexual harassment resources:

Read more about our Gender Equality work

Race equality

  • Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights (CRER) book about Glasgow’s role in the slave trade, ‘It Wisnae Us’
  • ‘Myths of Immigration’: Don’t forget that EIS resources to support  teachers in holding open, honest conversations about immigration and in countering some of the misinformation that has spread in recent years, particularly in some sections of the media, can be downloaded from our website. To request hard copies of the booklets, contact Ashley Gray
  • ‘New Scots’ refugee integration strategy: New Scottish Government strategy for refugee integration, published January 2018
  • Race Equality Action Plan 2017 - 2021: New Scottish Government action plan on race equality, published December 2017

Read more about our Anti-Racism Work

Sexual orientation and gender reassignment

LGBT Youth Scotland have produced new guidance documents providing information and guidance to school staff on addressing homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in Scottish schools, and supporting transgender children and young people.

The resources have been written to complement Respect for All: The National Approach to Anti-Bullying for Scotland's Children and Young People.

View the resources


Disability is a protected characteristic in the Equality Act 2010.

Disabled people have the right to legal protections including the right to 'reasonable adjustments' which can enable them to access jobs, education and services as easily as non-disabled people.

The EIS has produced a policy on 'Teaching and Disability' and detailed guidance for EIS representatives on 'Reasonable Adjustments in the Workplace'.

View the guidance

Dates for your calendar

Equality dates to note:

  • February is LGBT History Month
  • 8th March is International Women’s Day
  • 21st March is the International Day for the Elimination of Racism.

Cross-cutting equality resources

Scottish Government ‘One Scotland’ website. 

Education Scotland Inclusive Education e-bulletin: Sign up here.

New ‘Respect Me’ anti-bullying framework, which includes comment on prejudice-based bullying

EIS Equality Reps - recruitment and training

The next training days for Equality Reps have been confirmed.

Stage 1:

2nd March and 20th April

Stage 2:

16th March and 4th May

All the courses will take place at the EIS offices in Edinburgh.

If you know anyone who would like to become an Equality Rep please share these dates with them and ask them to contact Ashley Gray for more information. 

Find out more about Equality Reps

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