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Secretary's Weekly Update - 11th January 2021


Morning All,

I hope this finds you well.

A few notes to share this week:


Our advice is clear:

  1. Staff should only be in buildings if needed to work directly with young people and this should be kept to a minimum. Meetings should be held online, with no need for staff to attend buildings to attend a meeting.
  2. Shielding and pregnant staff from 28 weeks should be working from home full-time.
  3. Schools should work on rotas for covering pupils who have to attend schools. These should be allocated on fair and equitable basis and not left to small groups of staff. If working face to face you can’t also be expected to deliver online at same time.
  4. Staff shouldn’t be expected to go beyond their contracted hours when working online or in-school – all contact with pupils counts towards 22.5 hours.
  5. Risk Assessments need to be updated for working in school buildings. These should be shared with all staff and seek to ensure all mitigations in place. Any concern about this let us know.
  6. Guidelines on blended/remote learning can be found here: Our advice is clear: Blended and Remote Learning (

Other Items

  1. Rep Network meeting will take place at 4.30pm, Tuesday 12th and ASN Network on Wednesday 13th at same time. Please email Justine on to sign up.
  2. Members are asked to consider standing for the Local Committee of Management or National Executive. These are great ways to get more involved in the work of the union and it is vital we have people from across all sectors and stage of career involved. You’ll find information here: Glasgow Local Association Home Page ( or can reply to this email for further information.

If there are any questions around how things are going this week please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

Take care.


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