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EIS membership is free up to December following completion of your induction year.

Note: Membership is only available when employed within Scotland.

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Probationers that did not join as student members are also eligible to join the EIS as full members. EIS Membership continues to be FREE for up to 17 months from the start of your probation. At the end of your free period of membership a further discount of 50% will be available for 9 months for those who complete a direct debit mandate prior to the end of their free period of membership. No payment will be requested until the free period of membership has expired and we will write to you beforehand to advise you of the subscription payable.

The EIS is the largest and most influential teachers’ organisation in Scotland. With around 60,000 members it is the union of choice for over 80% of the profession.

EIS benefits include advice and assistance while you’re in school and legal protection and insurance against theft and damages arising from work as a teacher.

The EIS campaigns for improved salaries and conditions for all teachers and lecturers.

Completion of this form confirms that you are undertaking/have completed a recognised course of Initial Teacher Education leading to a Teaching Qualification and eligibility for registration with the General Teaching Council for Scotland. You are applying for membership of the Educational Institute of Scotland and agree to be bound by its Rules and Regulations.