The EIS is supporting Black History Month 2017, by sharing members’ reflections on the importance of anti-racist education.

The EIS believes that anti-racist education should permeate the curriculum in all learning establishments and should be seen as a fundamental part of the learning and teaching process.

Scotland is an increasingly diverse country,  with a sizeable migrant population, and it is extremely important that all pupils are taught the importance of valuing all members of society as part of their citizenship education, and taught how to recognise and challenge racist attitudes and behaviours.

Our ‘Myths of Immigration’ booklets can help teachers with the task of challenging racist narratives about immigration, as one facet of their anti-racist work.

With the far-right on the rise in some parts of the UK, Europe and North America, some politicians and certain sections of the tabloid press inciting prejudice, and young people experiencing racism in many forms it is essential that we take appropriate steps to educate all our young people on anti-racism while highlighting the cultural value of the diverse ethnic mix that exists throughout Scotland.

The EIS continues to work in partnership with organisations such as Show Racism the Red Card to support educational establishments in their anti-racist work, but it is clear that more needs to be done to ensure that anti-racist approaches are embedded in every establishment across Scotland.

To find out more about Black History Month, visit Black History Month UK and the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights.

 Samreen Shah  Edith Swinley  Jacqueline Fitzpatrick
 Margaret Smith  Khadija Mohammed  Larry Flanagan
 Mary Osei Oppong  Nicola Fisher  Monica Medina
 Asif Chishti