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Pay campaign group at council The EIS launched a campaign to secure a substantial pay increase for Scotland’s teachers in 2018. The EIS 2018 Pay Campaign – entitled ‘Value Education, Value Teachers’ – was launched at the January meeting of the EIS Council in Edinburgh.

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Support for the Campaign

19 February 2018

EIS members tell you why should support the 2018 Pay Campaign.
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10 Reasons You Deserve a 10% Pay Rise

07 March 2018

10 reasons Scotland's teachers deserve a 10% pay rise.
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Lobby your MSP

17 April 2018

We are asking you to contact your local MSP.
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06 March 2018

Your questions about the pay campaign answered.
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Information for Parents and Carers

13 April 2018

Information on the teachers' pay campaign for parents and carers
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Campaign Bulletins

05 March 2018

Campaign bulletins containing updates on the progress of the campaign for members.
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Powerpoint Presentation

10 April 2018

A powerpoint presentation designed to help Reps run branch meetings
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Campaign Resources

13 March 2018

Resources for publicising the campaign in your establishment.
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Press Releases Relating to the Campaign

23 March 2018

A selection of press releases relating to the Value Education, Value Teachers campaign.
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Teachers are not talking down the profession

21 March 2018

Unedited responses to the article Teachers need to stop talking down the profession from E ...
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