Friday 13 October 2017

EIS-FELA has condemned the excessive pay levels of senior management across the FE sector and noted with concern that the new Depute Principal post at the City of Glasgow College had been advertised with an annual salary of between £96,000 - £106,000.

John Kelly, EIS-FELA President said, "Front line staff in colleges are furious over the ability of colleges to spend big on posts which are removed from students, while at the same time pleading poverty and seeking to make staff cuts."

"If FE is about students, then let’s employ more people to work with students and invest in teaching and learning."

EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan also highlighted concerns about the differential treatment in relation to management pay at a time when public sector staff have been facing real term wage cuts, "There is a very real concern amongst our College members that at a time when lecturer numbers have been falling, the number of senior administrative posts has been increasing, accompanied by very high-level salaries."

"On the back of a significant industrial dispute where lecturers had to strike to secure the honouring of a pay deal, the double standards perceived in the way senior management is treated, is simply demoralising staff."